Norma’s Internet Problem

Norma’s has a lot of space. A lot. We are happy that everyone has lots of space to roam around, but that leaves us with a huge problem:

The Internet.

As more freelancers and remote workers come to Norma’s, it’s clear that we are going to need to solve our Internet problem.

I made this sketch of the place:


…more or less (less) to scale.

We have one router by the hourglass pool and the big house, and another on the other side by a one bedroom. The routers are the pink dots. The pink shading shows where you can get wifi.

While the shading shows a perfect circle, the range varies. The router can send a signal up to 300 feet, but it’s not always reliable. Studio #5, for example, gets spotty range from Router #2.

How should we solve our internet problem?

We currently have two DSL lines and two routers, and we cover most, but not all, of our villas.

Solution 1: Communal Internet Spaces

We could let go of the idea of everyone having private internet in their villas, and instead focus on making the bar a kickbutt workspace with high-speed Internet!

Solution 2: Internet everywhere!

Through a series of routers, repeaters, and transmitters, we blast wifi throughout the whole place. Wifi for all!

What do you think we should do, why, and, most importantly, how? What equipment is the best? All tips welcome!

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