Welcome Guide

Welcome to Norma’s Villas! Hopefully this guide will help you get around Norma’s and explore Costa Rica.

Wifi Network Name: VillasNorma
Password: PuraVida
We have up to 300 megas of speed throughout the villas, pools, and salon. This is sufficient for video calls and streaming.

What is nearby?

The airport! Juan Santamaria airport (SJO) is fifteen minutes away. We are close to the airport, and you can get there via uber or a taxi.

There is a convenience store and a fresh fruit stand right up the road. There’s also an Italian restaurant called Casa Mia a 10-minute walk away…that also delivers! Delivery requires cash.

The other grocery stores, bars, and banks are in Turrucares. You can walk to Turrucares (takes about 1/2 hour) or take a short cab/bus ride. When you leave Norma’s Villas, make a right, and then another right by the soccer field. You can walk down this road, or go in front of the soccer field for a taxi. This is also where the bus stop is. Make sure you’re taking the bus to Turrucares, not Alajuela.

We recommend paying with cash as often as you can at bars, restaurants, etc.

The closest major city is Alajuela. If you enjoy gambling, Casino Fiesta is a short (15 minute) cab ride away.

Getting Around: Uber works great in Costa Rica and is definitely the cheapest option. For short trips, like to Turrucares to the grocery store, you can go to the nearby bus stop during the day and taxis will be waiting there by the soccer field (leave and make a right). Keep in mind that taxis only accept cash, and we recommend getting the price before getting into the car.

“Cuanto cuesta para Turrucares?” – How much for Turrucares? You can use this phrase and replace “Turrucares” with where you want to go, like Alajuela, Atenas, etc.

For bus schedules, http://thebusschedule.com/cr/index.php is a good resource.

To get to Jaco beach by bus, you will need to take the bus toward the airport to get the bus in front of the bridge, and then another bus from San Jose to Jaco. You can take an Uber to this bus stop and buy tickets to and from Jaco here.

Alternatively, you could take a bus to Orotina from the bus stop by the soccer field and transfer to the Jaco bus.

Jaco Beach: Popular places to eat in Jaco Beach include Taco Bar and Green Room. Walking along the strip will give you a huge array of options!South Beach Hotel is a good bargain if you want to stay the night, but if you’re looking for something cheaper, Room2Board is a lower budget option.

Things to do in the Central Valley:

Poas Volcano
La Paz Waterfalls
Rescate Animal
Arenal Volcano & Hot Springs

Things to do in San Jose:

Museum of Gold
Museum of Art
Trendy neighborhoods
National Theatre

Things to do at Jaco Beach:

Adventure Tours
Green Room
Taco Bar

Other information:

The nearest airport is San Jose SJO.

Casa Mia pizza is delicious and delivers to us!

La Estacion pizza delivers to Norma’s. Please have cash and meet your deliveryman at the gate.

If something is broken or you see an insect/animal that you’d like to bring to our attention, please find Sergio who lives near the bar.

Please do not copy keys for anyone or give anyone else a key without first letting us know.

If you need to use our landline phone for an international call, please let us know. You will be required to pay a fee to cover this expense if it is not a toll-free number.

When you go into the back/high grass area, we recommend closed-toed shoes. There are occasionally snakes, scorpions, or tarantulas in this area back by the small river.
The Costa Rican sun is very strong. Sunscreen is highly recommended!

We hope you enjoy your stay with us! Pura Vida!

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