Talk about multitasking! Sergio takes a peek at the radiator while holding onto an iguana. (Don’t worry, it’s alive and well! Just needed to be relocated!)

Day Trip to Zarcero

Norma and I took a day trip to Zarcero! They have a beautiful park and church. On the way back, we stopped at Restaurante El Mirador for lunch. Delicious, cheap and great view of the mountains! Location: the road between Zarcero and Naranjo Email: Phone: 2450-2121

It’s a beautiful day…

The mangoes are no longer in season, but a few are hanging around. Manzanas de agua and cas are in season. Jennifer and I picked a whole bunch! Coconuts are also aplenty. Sergio, our gardener, was nice enough to pick some for me and my cousin Arianna. Mini is nesting and we expect to haveContinue reading “It’s a beautiful day…”