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February 3-10, 2018: Ginny Leise Comedy Workshop, info TBD

February 11-18, 2018: TBD

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Past Workshops:

July 15-22, 2017

Ariana Seigel: F*** Brand, What’s Your Artist’s Mission?

Feeling too burnt out by politics to make art? Overwhelmed juggling multiple projects AND your day-job? Have a novel you’ve been meaning to write but keep putting off?

In this week-long workshop you’ll get clear on WHY YOU MAKE ART and HOW YOU’RE GONNA CHANGE THE WORLD WITH IT. Remember, once you find your mission, the money will follow.

Ariana works as a TV writer, VO performer and professional coach. As an artist, she’s written for IFC and TruTV’s ‘Almost Genius’ and lent her voice to Toys R’ Us and Nick. As a coach, Ariana’s certified through the ICF and Coaching for Transformation program. She’s spoken on mental health in the arts with the Observer, Matthew Shepard Foundation and works with creatives to overcome blocks and create their most truthful art.

January 2017

Week 1: January 3-10
Acting Exercises for the Creative Writer
Leader: Isabelle Pierre

In Acting Exercises for the Creative Writer, we’ll explore how actors use physical exercises (including Laban, Lecoq, psychology gesture and improv) to explore character. Come ready to move, play and feel a little silly. At the end of the week we’ll have a short reading based workshop discoveries.

Week 2: January 12- 19
Fundamentals of Comedy
Leader: Ginny Leise

Humor is a most beloved yet often intimidating genre. As a comedian, I am endlessly frustrated when, after a show, friends and strangers alike approach me to explain why they couldn’t ever do comedy.

Everybody is funny and has a funny a story to tell. This workshop will aim to instill writers with confidence in their own unique comedic voice. We will start with the foundations of Comedy 101, examples of the greats and then jump into our own personal essays and storytelling performances. The workshop will culminate in a show for every participant to read or perform their work.

Week 3: January 21-28
Success through Self-Publishing
Leader: Robert Kroese

Have you ever thought about self-publishing, but felt that you weren’t tech savvy? Robert Kroese will cover the ins and outs of self publishing, including the differences between self-publishing and traditional publishing, e-book formatting, distribution, and marketing your book.









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