Comedy & Branding Workshop July ’17!

The first series of workshops in January was so much fun, that from July 15-22 we will be hosting a second wave of creative workshops!

Check out Ariana Siegel’s F*** Branding workshops on EventBrite!

This will be Norma’s Villas second series of artists’ workshops! Price includes 1 week at Norma’s, including 3 meals a day and one day trip to the beach (surf or kayak lesson included), and a shuttle to and from the airport.

*To take advantage of the shuttle, you must arrive at SJO on the 15th and leave to SJO on the 22th. There will be no programming on these dates.*

Ariana Siegal will be our workshop host this week!

Class Description:

“F*** Brand. What’s Your Artist’s Mission?”

Feeling too burnt out by politics to make art? Overwhelmed juggling multiple projects AND your day-job? Have a novel you’ve been meaning to write but keep putting off?

In this week-long workshop you’ll get clear on WHY YOU MAKE ART and HOW YOU’RE GONNA CHANGE THE WORLD WITH IT. Remember, once you find your mission, the money will follow.

We’ll be tackling a few specific challenges:

1. Consolidating your many projects. As a writer, painter, performer – how do you make sense of all your different “artist hats” without feeling overwhelm?

2. Reconnecting to your original joy for making art. It’s easy to get distracted with wanting to keep pace with friends, your art starting to just feel like WORK, or as a thing you’ve been doing so long you’ve forgotten why you even started down this difficult road in the first place.

3. You have a scary new project that wants to be borne but doesn’t fit neatly into your “brand.” How do you break through fear and MAKE THAT THING?

Artists will walk away with their unique mission statement + a plan of how to put their MISSION into ACTION. *Includes a SALON showcasing the heart-centered art you’ve created during the workshop.



Ariana works as a TV writer, VO performer and professional coach. As an artist, she’s written for IFC and TruTV’s ‘Almost Genius’ and lent her voice to Toys R’ Us and Nick. As a coach, Ariana’s certified through the ICF and Coaching for Transformation program. She’s spoken on mental health in the arts with the Observer, Matthew Shepard Foundation and works with creatives to overcome blocks and create their most truthful art.

The location

Norma’s Villas has been family owned and operated in La Garita, Costa Rica for over 20 years! In July, the mangos and manzanas de agua will be ripe. Eat as much as you can while learning your craft!

Cost is $900 before May 15, $1000 for the week after May 15 (USD).









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House Rules

We’re a community at Norma’s, and as such, we have a few house rules! First, we expect everyone at Norma’s to respect other guests and the space.

Please no pets — if you have a service animal, please send us a message. If you happen to see a stray animal, please do not feed it. This just encourages them to stay long after you have gone! If you have a question about an animal, please inform Norma before touching or feeding it. We also want to make sure our guests are comfortable.

Every guest gets a key to the main gate. We ask everyone who comes in at night to lock the gate and not leave it open overnight. Basically, if the gate is locked when you come inside, please ensure it is still locked after you’ve come in!

While most rooms have their own kitchen, we also have a kitchen area and a communal laundry room. Please clean up the community spaces if you use them. Costa Rica has lots of insects, and food that sits out will attract other guests!

Please smoke outside and please, no recreational drug use.

***Guests are expected to comply with Costa Rican laws.***

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